AI first business strategy – Service Management

Many operating companies are spending money with AI companies as they attempt to differentiate via data.

ServiceAide turned that on its head.  Machine learning is central to their strategy not because the bought AI, but because they are an AI company that bought an operating company.   Last quarter they completed the purchase of the Cloud Service Management division from CA Technologies.

Recognizing that the Service Management industry is ripe for a fundamental change in its economics, their CTO Bill Guinn explained at this week’s Global Artificial Intelligence Conference how they will use AI to:

  1. Capture service requests and resolutions in a more structured and complete way via a conversational interface
  2. Automate the conversion of that information flow into a knowledge store
  3. Leverage that knowledge store to automate the resolution process

Bill also pointed out that they place great value on making those machine learning systems interpretable, even if there is a trade-off in predictive power in certain cases.  For customers to be able to configure, bias and control systems as they prefer they have to understand how those system are working, which requires explainability.

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